Our courses range from the very basics of computing to professional courses in Information Technology (IT) and IT Management, each taught using current industry best practices, methods and standards. 

To ensure that our students or trainees acquire the best of knowledge and skills in their course of study, we have experienced lecturers, bearing a minimum of university qualification. Others are certified trainers by the respective regulatory bodies of the professional courses we offer.




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Sandra Donkor

Initiative Technologies has helped me acquire more knowledge in ICT. The moment I stepped into their sound, peaceful and air-conditioned lecture room, I knew my life was not going to be the same.

Prescilla Adarkwah

My experience at Initiative Technologies has been splendid, in the sence that the lecturers make it easy for every individual, no matter who you are, to understand the course.

I personally came with the aim of knowing how to explore the computer and with the help of Initiative Technologies, infact, I can do more than I expected.

With this good experience I have acquired, I would always like to offer any course related to ICT at Initiative Technologies.

Jerry Asante

The knowledge acquired from this institution has broadened my scope in this era where Information Technology is widely used.

I would like to show my appreciation to the management and staff  for creating such a unique platform for me to be part of this wonderful experience and increasing my knowledge in IT. 

Previously, my IT skills was very much below average, but after effective tuition at Initiative Technologies, I can confidently say my IT skills is excellent.

So I will urge all and sundry who want to sharpen their IT skills or will like to start a career in IT to turn nowhere but Initiative Technologies to experience the very best of tuition in IT.

Isaac Tetteh

Initiative Technologies is the most outstanding IT Training Institution in Tema.

They are client focused, lecturer - student relationship is very cordial and the neatness of the place is very much appreciated by all.

I have never regretted enrolling at Initiative Technologies.

Another important thing is that each student per computer and this makes learning more easy and enjoyable.

I encourage all to look to Initiative Technologies for IT Training and Solutions.

Isaac Akutey

I enrolled at Initiative Technologies as a matured student for an intensive part-time Computer Literacy Program. By the end of the period, devoting two hours a day only, I can say that I am very glad to stand out as a very good computer literate. 

Before enrolling, I knew very little about computers but today I can confidently say that my knowledge in computers can enable me run my business and take the challenges in business.

The small size of the class enabled the lecturer identify individual academic deficiencies and dealt with them accurately.

Even though my class consisted of students who already knew a bit about computers, the lecturer was able to combine those totally new to computers and those with some knowledge and brought them to the same level academically.

The environment of the institution is very good which made for good concentration.

I believe the standard will be maintained and recommend to all who are seeking ICT knowledge to take advantage.

I thank management and staff. May God bless them.

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