Website Development

Website Development

Websites have become the major tool for showcasing one's products and services on the internet, reaching a far wider audience than any traditional medium of advertising. 

As such, companies, businesses and individuals have found it essential to have an online presence, in the form of websites, due to the numerous benefits websites offers. 

Every institution or individual has specific needs, reasons they want a website developed for them and the content they want to display on the website. For this reason, rather than having a "one size fit all" solution, in consultation with the client, we come up with a tailor made designs that specifically fits the clients needs. 

The aim is to give our clients a website that is attractive in appearance, contains the right content, easy to navigate, conforming with current website standards, include features that will enhance and get visitors to your website, thereby generating leads and finally patronage of your products and services, increasing your output as a result.  

As part of our Website Development solution, we offer the following complimentary services: 

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Domain Registration & Renewal

Domain Registration & Renewal

Here is one reason to have a Website

More important than the organisation brochure

Your organisation’s brochure is a very useful and comforting document to have. It is something tangible that can be given to a visitor or a passer-by at a trade show.

However if you factor in the cost of developing and printing such a brochure, and the cost of getting it into potential customers' hands, the Return on Investment (ROI) of such a sales tool is very much poorer than the ROI for your website. The brochure may be looked at once or twice and then thrown away or filed.Brochures may so easily get out-of-date.

The website is always there, and it can easily be kept up-to-date every time needed.

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